Micro-Influencer is Coming in 2019

Micro-influencer, in this digital era, there are a lot of ways to make your business well known. Whether it is from Instagram, Ads, Hashtag, Newspaper, etc. But, there is a trend where this method is going to be the most effective than others, Influencer Marketing. 

This article translated from my previous post titled “Micro-Influencer sebuah Transisi menuju 2019″

For most people, these words might remind you of a famous influencer that you follow. Influencer promoting product softly by saying that these products are the product that he/she ‘likes.’ Yes, that is Influencer. You were probably thinking about trying influencer marketing right now. And then, you realize that Influencer is so expensive and only accessible only for big businesses or big brands.

Micro-influencer, What is It?


Micro-influencer or literally smaller Influencer (Next, I’ll just call it Influencer to make it easier to understand in this article). Micro-influencer is Influencer with less audience but yet has high engagement, making this marketing method accessible for small businesses. 

So what do you need to know about Micro-influencer? Let’s discuss why Micro-influencer is your best option for a smaller business.

Micro-influencer effectivity

Small companies or start-ups are in an awkward position to spread their wings. Especially when your company or small start-up is in the zone, whereas a lot of players start earlier and prominent in your niche. You need something new, innovative, and cheap to promote your brand. Luckily, these Micro-influencer can help you as one of the options you could have. I find research about Micro-influencer from Experticity. Inside their reports here, 82% consumer “Very Likely” to be affected by a recommendation from a Micro-Influencer.

Micro-influencer Marketing


Towards the end of 2019, the direction of the marketing wave starting to change. A lot of prominent marketers from big brands starting showing their interest in an influencer with a small follower. They are beginning to realize that micro-influencers have high confidence more than an influencer with millions of followers.

Smaller means better?

People follow their favorite actor, band, or artist on their Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. That makes big companies chasing them and making them promote their products. Until finally, they realize that popularity doesn’t guarantee that their followers engage with them. This is why Micro-Influencer is starting to show.

Micro-Influencer is usually an Influencer with a follower between 2000 until 10.000, far below most Influencer with millions of followers. Even though their follower is less, but these followers engage more and loyal to them, because there is two-way communication between the Influencer and the follower. This makes them an ideal platform to run a marketing campaign.

Better Return on Investment (ROI)


For the majority of a new start-up or small company, of course, they have strict money to pay a big influencer to promote their business. But after we learn about the effectivity of Micro-Influencer. Micro-Influencer is a wise choice. Better than big Influencer with massive followers. Even though we reach less because of their small followers. We can get a more authentic voice and trusted by their followers. And it gives us a better Return on Investment (ROI) on your marketing budget.

More Micro-Influencer means better?

No! that kind of logic can’t work here. To make a good marketing campaign, we also need to choose our Micro-Influencer carefully. You need to start picking which Micro-Influencer that suits your product most.

It could be the town that your product reach, the same niche, or other indicators. It’s not funny if you promote a make-up product to a Influencer that shares about health and fitness. I mean, it’s okay, but it’s not practical and cost-efficient.

Don’t forget to choose the best method to promote your product. Whether through mentioning your product, promo code in your online store, collaboration in content creating or giving a giveaway. Analyze too how your promotion method affects your business, market, and the content value of your brand.


I believe Influencer will change the marketing world. It will narrow the direction of the promotion of the brand, product, or service. How about you? Do you ever use Micro-Influencer service? Or even another perspective about the marketing direction towards the end of 2019?

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